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    150 Years Of Mad Love

    Mad people’s history holds up a mirror to the exalted Canadian story of universal health care, revealing a movement led by people finding and providing care for themselves and each other.

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    The Midinette Spring

    Industrial Montreal was a hotbed of cheap, easily exploited women’s labour. “You’ll never organize girls,” labour leaders were warned. But Rose Pesotta was determined to try “a woman’s approach” to unionizing.

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    The Truth About Treaties

    A researcher accessed hundreds of documents revealing the Canadian government’s internal position on historic treaties. Negotiations in bad faith: confirmed.

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    Two Kids’ Books About Residential Schools Reviewed by a 10-Year-Old

    Two books about residential schools are reviewed by 10-year-old Tanson Pitawanakwat Acoose.

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July/August 2017

Indigenous resurgence is the best defense against Windigo. How women’s labour got organized in 1930s industrial Montreal. Trudeau’s foreign policy. The Canadian government’s internal position on historic treaties. A land protector and a journalist talk activism and freedom of the press. A history of mental health and collective care. How to embolden the left in Canada. Two reviews of children’s books on residential schools, and more!

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